KISITI is an indie-dance band based in Macedonia. The band was formed in 2016 and it went by the name KI until 2022 when they rebranded by choosing the name KISITI. After a couple of singles “City”, “Crystal Circle” and “Buda” they caught the attention of the refined music listeners. 

With heavy analog synths, dark vocals, tight vocal harmonies, and Phrygian mode authentic for the region that they are coming from, they create a mysterious vibe with captivating sounds and beats that makes the audience float away on a dream cloud full of fantasies. With atonal and sometimes chaotic sound effects they distort the perception of reality,  making the listeners lose themselves in space and time and dance their souls away. Their unique fusion of different music styles leaves everyone in awe while keeping them curious and wanting more. “The Montenegrin audience got to know the author’s indie-electro band from Kumanovo “KI” through performances at the final evening of “Bedem Fest”, where the end of each song was followed by thunderous applause, and the end of the performance with an invitation to encore and …” Bojana Radonjic

With their performance at the Fusion Stage on Exit Festival in Novi Sad they gained new fans and also provoked a series of positive critics. “…they were the ones whose quality performance did credit to the stage on the peak day. With every next performance in this city their fan base grows bigger because the quality they possess is evident and crucial, in times when rhythm machines are attacking. ” – Andrea Magazin,

 They won first prize in numerous festivals including 51’Zajecarska Gitarijada, Omladina Festival, Rovinj Music Festival, West Herzegovina Festival ‘ by the festivals jury and the audience.  ” … the best impression was left by Ki, whose dark art-rock is a coherent and realized whole.” – Zoran Tuckar,  



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